Upload & Proof

Where can I upload my files?

You can upload your artwork only after payment. Once you have paid, there are three ways to access your upload pag

  • Directly after payment you will be redirected to the 1-2-print success page which contains a button that leads to the upload page.
  • Your order confirmation e-mail contains a link to your upload page.
  • Through your account.

Can I upload my files before placing an order?

No. Uploaded files need to be associated with an order number, and therefore can not be uploaded prior to placing the order.

How do I know if the correct file has been uploaded?

The upload page shows file names and thumbnails of the artwork you uploaded, and their position (front or back, outside or inside for folded products). Please check the file names and/or the thumbnails prior to confirming the upload. If you ordered an online proof, you can check your files visually and change them if desired.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?

You can upload files with a size up to 200 MB. To reduce your file size, you can “zip” or “stuff” them. Please contact us if your files exceed 200 MB.

Do you provide FTP connections for uploads?

We provide an FTP connection for customers in special cases, e.g. if your artwork is unusually large (>200 MB).

What if I find a mistake in my artwork after submitting? Can I upload new files?

Please contact us and we will check if your artwork is already being processed. If not, we will change your order status so you can upload your corrected files. This will, of course, delay the start of your turnaround time. Ordering a PDF Proof gives you the opportunity to check for errors again and change your files prior to production.

What can I check on a PDF proof?

The PDF proof that is uploaded for your review and approval is the final opportunity for you to check your artwork. It is by no means an accurate color reproduction of your final printed piece. We will upload a print-ready PDF proof for your to review with notes from our expert prepress technicians for your consideration.

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