File Preparation

Bleed & Safe Area


Since the trimming of a sheet is not 100% exact, your graphics must exceed the intended trimming line to ensure that no white (unprinted) border remains if any shift occurs during trimming. This cushion is called "bleed". 

You are required to submit all files with an exact document size that includes a 3 mm bleed on all four sides, i.e. the canvas size is 6 mm x 6 mm larger than the final product. This also means that there cannot be any crop marks.

Example: A5 is 148 mm x 210 mm. The dimensions of your files must be 154 x 216.

Safe Area

Safe area follows the same idea as bleed, but applies to the inside (rather than the outside) of the intended trimming lines, as well as to folding lines. Keep text, logos and other important graphics in the safe area, i.e. at least 3 mm away from the intended trimming and folding lines because anything outside the safe area might get cut off or folded over. We recommend using our <file templates>, in which safe areas are designated.

Example: The diagram shows how the image extends beyond the actual product size (trimming line) to the very edge of the document, and how the logo is well within the safe area.


Using borders is not recommended because even a small trimming deviation will make them appear uneven. If you use borders, make sure the border is not near the trimming line but well within the safe area, i.e. make them as thick as possible in order to keep the visible difference of border thickness due to trimming deviations to a minimum.

Rounded Corners

When using rounded corners, text or important graphics should not be placed too close to the corners. Otherwise they may get cut off.


Envelopes are an exception. Envelopes are finished before printing, so they are not trimmed and thus have no bleed. The printing device grabs the envelopes on one side for 11 mm and so this 11 mm cannot be printed on. Please see the appropriate file template to see which area you cannot print on.

File Templates

We recommend using our file templates to help you set up your files. They already have the correct size including bleed and show bleed and safe areas. Download a file template.

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