File Preparation


File Formats

You can submit your files in one of the following formats:

  • PDF
  • JPG
  • TIF / TIFF

We recommend using PDF. PDF maintains all vector-based elements of your file, which generally produces sharper graphics and smoother text than pixel-based formats.

When exporting your .pdf-file, always use PDF/X3-2002 settings and ensure bleed is added. Do not add crop marks to your file to avoid upload errors due to incorrect file dimensions.

File Size

The maximum file size for uploads is 200 MB per file. Please request FTP access for larger files. We set up FTP access only if necessary, i.e. not for files smaller than 200 MB.

Number of Pages

When submitting products with two pages, you can upload two single pages or one PDF with two pages. See Artwork Orientation for more information.

For products with more than two pages we recommend using a multipaged PDF. When using a zip-archive, make sure that all files names contain a clear page number. Page numbers should all use the same number of digits (“page_01” rather than “page_1” for products with a total number of 10-98 pages, and “page_001” for products with 100 or more pages).

File Preparation

You are fully responsible for the correctness of your submitted files.

We do our best to help you submit correct files and avoid misprints. We will not, however, refund or replace a misprint caused by your file not meeting our file requirements. See our checklist comprising the most important topics that you should keep in mind when designing your files. Also take a look at our print file services.

File Templates

We recommend using our file templates to help you set up your files. They already have the correct size including bleed and show bleed and safe areas. Download a file template.

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