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Production Time

What is production time exactly?

Production time is the number of business days between receiving your print-ready files and shipping. That means that shipping time is not included.

The first day of production time is the day we have your print-ready files before 9 am (including approval, if any). Also see below. 

There are three levels of production time (Standard, Express, and Urgent). Availability and actual production time of these levels vary from product to product as shown on the category pages.

Business days are Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

When does production time start?

The production time of your product starts on the day that you have submitted (and approved, if applicable) your print-ready files before 9 am. If you submit/approve your print-ready files after 9 am, production time starts on the next day.

Please be advised that your files need to be uploaded to your order to meet all deadlines. If you sent them by any other means, even if this happened before 9 am (8 am for Same Day production), we cannot guarantee assignment to your order in time and do not take responsibility for delays.

If your files turn out not to be print-ready, you will be asked to upload new files and production time does not begin. Once they are print-ready they can go into production.

Example:  Your turnaround is 3 business days, and you submit your print-ready files on Wednesday, 11 am. Production time runs Thursday to Monday, and the products will be shipped on Tuesday. 

Please note:

The stated production times are met 95% of the time. Due to holidays, exceptional demand and/or variable drying phases, production may sometimes take longer. Furthermore, when processing orders with quantities higher than 20,000 copies, we may be required to ship only parts of the order in time.

We're doing our best to meet the promised delivery times. If timely delivery is very important, you should contact us as early as possible so we can keep an eye on your particular order.

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